n., v., & adj.
1 a the fatty content of milk which gathers at the top and can be made into butter by churning. b this eaten (often whipped) with a dessert, as a cake-filling, etc. (strawberries and cream; cream gateau).
2 the part of a liquid that gathers at the top.
3 (usu. prec. by the) the best or choicest part of something, esp.: a the point of an anecdote. b an eacutelite group of people (the cream of the nation).
4 a creamlike preparation, esp. a cosmetic (hand cream).
5 a very pale yellow or off-white colour.
6 a a dish or sweet like or made with cream. b a soup or sauce containing milk or cream. c a full-bodied mellow sweet sherry. d a biscuit with a creamy sandwich filling. e a chocolate-covered usu. fruit-flavoured fondant.
1 tr. a take the cream from (milk). b take the best or a specified part from.
2 tr. work (butter etc.) to a creamy consistency.
3 tr. treat (the skin etc.) with cosmetic cream.
4 tr. add cream to (coffee etc.).
5 intr. (of milk or any other liquid) form a cream or scum.
6 tr. US colloq. defeat (esp. in a sporting contest).
—adj. pale yellow; off-white.
Phrases and idioms:
cream bun (or cake) a bun or cake filled or topped with cream. cream cheese a soft rich cheese made from unskimmed milk and cream. cream-coloured pale yellowish white. cream cracker Brit. a crisp dry unsweetened biscuit usu. eaten with cheese. cream-laid (or -wove) laid (or wove) cream-coloured paper. cream off
1 take (the best or a specified part) from a whole (creamed off the brightest pupils).
2 = sense 1b of v. cream of tartar purified and crystallized potassium hydrogen tartrate, used in medicine, baking powder, etc.
cream puff
1 a cake made of puff pastry filled with cream.
2 an ineffectual or effeminate person. cream soda a carbonated vanilla-flavoured soft drink. cream tea afternoon tea with scones, jam, and cream.
Etymology: ME f. OF cre(s)me f. LL cramum (perh. f. Gaulish) & eccl.L chrisma CHRISM

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